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Health Insurance in Panchkula, Agents and Companies in Panchkula

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Famous for its natural scenery and beauty, Panchkula hosts the only Hill station of Haryana, The Morni Hills. Like Chandigarh, Panchkula is also a planned city that has been planned with a modern outlook and is designed very systematically. 

Why People of Panchkula Need Health Insurance?

Morni Hills attracts trekkers from all over India to come and trek alongside the peacocks that have habitats in the surrounding. The Chandel ruin also make the town a famous tourist spot and attract and gathers a lot of tourists. With foreign, unknown tourists comes foreign diseases and infections. The tourists become a carrier of all kinds of diseases and spread it to the locals living there, thus making them sick. Modern lifestyles have popularized the concept and habit of consumption of junk food on a daily basis. This in turn makes the immune system weak, and the effect of foreign diseases intensifies in the body. It is important to keep in mind that without a proper healthy body, one can never work hard enough to achieve their dreams. Hence, taking care of your body and making sure to avail proper treatment and hospitalization if required is a necessity. Treatments and hospitalization can be expensive. Therefore every local living in Panchkula needs to own a good health insurance policy that can handle the money-related issues regarding health.

How Tirupati Insurance Can Help the People of Panchkula?

Tirupati Insurance Broking service is composed of dedicated and hardworking members, who through their thorough knowledge and dedication toward the wellness of people have managed to earn the trust of thousands of customers in Haryana. Our experts, with their years of experience in the field, would enunciate you with every minute detail of the policy you are considering buying. We value people of every status and respecting the income of people, we will only suggest to you the company whose policies can be comfortably afforded by you.

Companies That Provides Health Insurance in Panchkula

1.    Hdfc Ergo Health Insuance - Proving the strength of its customer care service, HDFC Ergo health insurance won the Best Customer Experience Award in the year 2016. With a claim settlement ratio of 83.66% and over 10,000+ network hospitals, the policies come with the option of lifelong renewability. In Panchkula, there are 11 hospitals and nursing homes including Alchemist Hospital Ltd., Children's Hospital, and  Chakravarty Nursing home, that provide cashless hospitalization to their insurers.

2.    Star Health Insurance - Commencing its business in the year 2006, it is one of the renowned companies selling health insurance in India. The company even offers customized disease-specific policies for some critical diseases. Star Health Insurance has a claim settlement ratio of 78.52% and has over 10,000 network hospitals that provide cashless hospitalization. In Panchkula, the company is associated with 12 such hospitals including Dhawan Hospital, Ortho Centre, and Alchemist Hospital Ltd.

3.    Royal Sundaram Health Insurance - Happy Family Maternity & Children Hospital Pvt Ltd, Alchemist Hospitals Ltd, Dhawan Hospital, and J. N. Shory Multispeciality Hospital are among the 10 hospitals and nursing home with which the company is linked and where cashless hospitalization and treatment is provided. Royal Sundaram takes pride in being the first private insurer who introduced Hospital cash. With a decent claim settlement ratio of 77.32%, the company provides plans at an affordable rate.

4.    ManipalCigna Health Insurance - In the year 2019, ManipalCigna health insurance won the title of 'The Best Health Insurance Company' at the Summit Awards. The company has a claim settlement ratio of 91% and an incurred claim ratio of 54%. In Panchkula, the company is associated with 14 hospitals that provide cashless-hospitalization benefits to the policyholders. Aarogya Hospital, Alchemist Hospital, and Balaji Medi Centre are three of them.

5.    Care Health Insurance - With over 7 lakhs policies sold, the company has an impressive claim settlement ratio of 92.83%. The company allows its customer to choose from any of the 10 plans they offer and the policies come with a lifelong renewability option. A total of 8 hospitals and nursing homes are connected with this company in Panchkula including Chakravarty Nursing home, Gokul Surgical Hospital, and Raffels Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

Tips To Consider While Buying A Health Insurance

1.    Estimate Your Budget - Make sure to go with a policy whose premium fits within your monthly budget limit. Increasing your budget to afford a health insurance policy won't make any sense in the future.

2.    Check Maximum Coverage - A good and ideal health insurance policy should cover a maximum of your hospital bills and medical expenses at a low input premium.

3.    Check Financial Sability - The company where you are buying policies from should not be in debt. and should be making profits. Otherwise, the company with time would get drained of its financial resources and the company's owner would be forced to take down the company. Make sure to check the incurred claim ratio of the company, before availing any policies from them.

4.    Read Exclusions - Not all the expenses that happened in the hospital or during your treatment process are given coverage by your company. There are certain excluded diseases, treatments, medicines, processes, etc., for which the company holds no responsibility. Therefore, no claims regarding those excluded criteria would be entertained. Make sure to know and be detailed about them thoroughly before purchasing a particular policy.

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