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Health Insurance in Hisar

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Health Insurance in Hisar, The Steel City of India is the fastest-growing city of Haryana Served by all the major insurance companies. some of them is SBI General Insurance, ICICI Lombard, Star Health Max Puspa Etc.

Why Do you need Health Insurance in Hisar?

In this busy world of wealth earning the most ignored topic is the health of an individual. We invest to grow our lifestyle & our wealth. As our elders always said to their younger ones ‘Health is Wealth’. But we took this lightly. Investing in ourselves is the real success for the wealthy future. As not everyone can afford expensive healthcare. But, we know every life counts. Here the role of insurance comes into play.

The insurance companies take care of every single penny covered in the term period of the Insurance. In today's lifestyle, fast food and packed food play a vital role. But in the long run, they make the body weak and ill. The adding of preservatives in the packed food makes it sufficient to fulfil the stomach but works only on occasion. As an Indian lifestyle, we are always surrounded by oily and unhealthy foods that are tasty and easily available. These foods bring diseases and make the immune system weak which results in deadly diseases in the future or adult stage of life. As life is full of risks, we don’t have assurity of a single minute in life. But, we can reduce the risk and increase the cover of our expenses of any mishappening.

How Tirupati Insurance Can Help You?

THE TIRUPATI INSURANCE BROKING SERVICES provides you the benefit of availing the best health plan to secure your medical expenses and your future at very reasonable rates. We have tie-up with ICICI Lombard, Star Health, and multiple companies. Our claim rates are always touching the skies. We are the best in the Business in Hisar. We are happy to suggest you the best plans for securing the health of you and your loved ones, according to our budget.

Our skilled executive takes the responsibility to explain you the detail of every plan and also make your claim settlement. Tirupati Insurance also provide health cards that will assist you in any emergency condition.

Come visit our office at RAJMAHAL COMPLEX, OPPOSITE PLA PETROL PUMP, PLA SHOPPING COMPLEX, HISAR or do call us at 9206244000. Our team will help you in every step of your health journey.

Health Insurance Companies In Hisar

Almost every Big Company is Serving Health Insurance in Hisar, But I'm mentioning the most popular Health Insurance companies in Hisar

ICICI Lombard- With 10 branches spread altogether in the city of Hisar, ICICI Lombard is associated with a total of 24 Hospitals in the city including Sharda Hospital, Gobind Nursing Home, Navjeevan Multispeciality Hospital, etc. This company comes with the special benefit of availing Cashless Hospitalisation, thus easing cash burden in times of emergency.

SBI General Insurance- It has a tie-up with 8 Hospitals, including eye specialist hospitals in Hisar. The list of associated hospitals includes Aarogya Hospital, Central Medical Hospital, Centre for Sight, Hisar, etc. It has only 1 branch in the city of Hisar.

Max Bupa Insurance- Associated with 23 hospitals in the city including Aarogya Hospital and Bharat Multispecialty Hospital, it has a claim settlement ratio of 84.15%. With policies available at a reasonable price,

Apollo Munich Insurance Company- Its network hospitals in the city of Hisar includes Aadhar Health Institute, Aarogya Hospital, Eye Q Vision, and Geetanjali Hospital among the 12 Hospitals it is associated with.

Care Insurance- Another health insurance company that can be approached is Care Insurance in Hisar. Providing service through a network of 33 hospitals including Sharda Hospital, Sarvodaya Multispecialty Hospital, and Aarogya Hospital, it has 1 branch in the city of Hisar.

Bajaj Allianz Insurance Company- Accepted in some of the leading hospitals in Hisar including Sukhda Multispeciality Hospital, Ravindra Hospital, and Heart Centre, and Eye Q Super Speciality Eye Hospital, it has tie-up with over 15 hospitals in the city. With low premium investments and high output, it also offers easy renewals through an online portal service.

United India Insurance Company- It has two branches in Hisar and is associated with some of the best hospitals like C.M.C Hospital(Unit) of Progressive Medical Care & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. and Dr.Kalras Sarvodaya Multispeciality Hospital.

Tips To Consider Before Buying Health Insurance In Hisar

Estimate – It is highly important to buy a policy, whose premium you can afford. It won't make any sense to increase your budget and end up paying a high premium value, then your affordable range. Knowing how much you can invest behind a certain insurance policy, without it affecting your monthly budget is an important criterion to put some thoughts on.

Check Hospital Network- Our network hospitals provide the benefit of going cashless during an emergency period in our certain associated hospitals. This makes sure, you have a hassle-free experience in terms of finance when the time is not right. Read

Exclusion- There are certain situations, treatments, and medical procedures for which we do not provide health insurance coverages. Our buyers need to read about them and settle things beforehand, to avoid the chances of claim rejection. Claim

Settlement Ratio – It means the number of claims that have been successfully paid by the company in a year. The larger the claim settlement ratio, the larger is the chance for your claims to be settled. We provide a comparatively higher Claim Settlement Ratio, than any other competitor of ours.

Coverage – It is important to know how much coverage will be provided by an insurance company. We provide almost full coverage of the whole pre and post hospitalization expense followed by all the treatment and diagnosis expenses.

Waiting Period- Like it is always advisable to choose a policy with a minimum waiting period, our policies come with a minimum waiting period, which makes it easier for you to claim your benefits fast, when in time of an emergency.


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