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Health Insurance in Narwana

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With a population of a little more than 60,000 people, Narwana is a Haryana based town in the Jind district. The town got its name from the word Nirvana, meaning salvation. The town’s stadium known as the Nav-deep stadium is the home of India’s first Indoor Handball court. Baba Gaibi Sabh and Hanuman Mandir are the center of attraction of the city in terms of religion. The main idol of the hanuman temple is said to be made by the five Pandavas. 

Why do people of Narwana need Health Insurance?

Agriculture, being the major occupation in Narwana, has produced some of the most hardworking and dedicated people in the village. Excessive efforts and tireless work make sure that the field has good crops by the end of the season. Narwana, being one of the towns with the hottest summer period, does no mercy to the farmers working in the field directly under the scorching sun, making them vulnerable to getting sick, more than often.

They are the people who are the most vulnerable to getting acute and chronic conditions such as all kinds of respiratory diseases, arthritis, cardiovascular ailments, allergies, and fatal diseases like skin cancer. If anyone needs to be immediately in possession of health insurance, it is these people, who work day and night in the fields, making them vulnerable to even death, to produce food for us. Because farmers are mostly poor, they cannot themselves afford to buy good food for themselves and thus becomes victims of malnutrition. 

Stress and anxiety also make them ill from time to time. Hence, people of this small village- town Narwana, needs to get themselves a proper Health insurance policy, which will ease them from the burden of finance, in times they get sick and needs hospitalization.

How Tirupati Insurance can become a savior for the people of Narwana?

Earning the trust of Haryana, and maintaining the trust for over a decade, Tirupati Insurance Broking service is committed to your well-being, by suggesting the best policy for you and your family at a premium you can afford. We make sure, the premium is not high enough that your monthly budget gets disturbed, and yet can provide you complete coverage, when the times are not good. Our experienced and skilled experts make sure that you get every minute details of the policy, you are interested in and helps you with all the needed procedures to avail that policy for you.

Companies that provide health insurance in Narwana

Almost every big and small company around Haryana provides Health insurance in Narwana. Here, I am going to enlist some of the companies that provide the best policies at a budget-friendly rate.

Star Health - Popular for its disease-specific insurance policies, Star Health is also the first stand-alone health insurance company of India, with a vast network of hospitals spread across the country including over 7000 hospitals providing cashless hospitalization. With a claim settlement ratio of 78.52%, there are a total of two hospitals that the company has a tie-up in the Jind district, with one Hospital named Meenakshi Jain Hospital, providing cashless treatment and hospitalization.

Bajaj Allianz - Being popular for some of its innovative plans, Bajaj Allianz is the first company that introduced Captive TPA in our country. With a vast network of hospitals and over 3700 hospitals across India, providing cashless treatments, it also comes with the benefit of a free health check-up every four years.

National Insurance - With one branch in Narwana and a claim settlement ratio of 78.52%, it provides cashless treatment and hospitalization facilities in over 6000 hospitals in the country.

Aditya Birla Health Insurance - Delhi Hospital and Maternity clinic, is the name of the one hospital network, that provides a cashless treatment facility in the Jind district. The process of availing medical treatments is extremely convenient with this company because of the presence of PAN INDIA network hospitals by Aditya Birla. The company is known for having some of the best policies in India. With a high claim settlement ratio of 93.68%, it provides a hassle-free claim settlement process.

Max Bupa Health Insurance - Known for offering some of the most innovative Health insurance policies, with very lenient terms and conditions, Max Bupa Health Insurance is associated with over 3500 hospitals in India, which provides Cashless treatment. It provides cashless treatment and hospitalization process in 4 of the major hospitals in Narwana( district Jind) including Delhi Hospital and Maternity clinic and Metro Jind Hospital and ICU. Free health check-up every two years is also provided to its buyers.

LIC Jeevan Aarogya - With 1 branch office in Narwana, it has a tie-up with three local hospitals including Holy hospital and Aastha Hospital and Maternity Center in Narwana. LIC has crossed several milestones and setting exceptional performance records, it has marked itself as one of the best health insurance companies in India.

Tips To Keep in Mind While Buying a Health Insurance

Coverage- Hospital billings can get very expensive, depending upon the treatment process. It is thus important to go for a policy that offers maximum coverage during this period.

Estimate- It is very important to calculate according to your monthly budget, the amount of premium you can pay/afford. You should go with a plan, that provides the maximum benefit at a price you can comfortably afford.

Cashless Network Hospitals- Every health insurance company has a connection with certain hospitals that provide their policyholders cashless treatment facilities in times of emergency. The insurance company in this case directly pays the hospital the required amount, without giving you any headache during your hard period. It is thus important to know, how many such hospitals are associated with your health insurance company.

Claim Settlement Ratio- This is an important factor to analyze while buying a policy. The higher the claim settlement percent is, the higher the number of successful claims settled by the company, and thus higher is the chance of your claims getting settled in the future without any hassle. Read exclusions- There are certain medical situations/ treatment processes and hospital expenses, that the company takes no responsibility for. For these situations, no concession/money coverage is provided. It is vital to know about all such exceptional cases, before buying a policy to prevent any future dispute that may arise due to the same.

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